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Guide precise implementation of your designs – all in your browser – with ActiveDraft

Drawing Collaboration

Quality Control, Accelerated

With a simple link, project managers can transform their design review process. ActiveDraft enables instant gathering of diverse stakeholders, provides crucial visual context, and offers intuitive tools for precise markup.This means every team member—from architects to foremen—is empowered to contribute effectively. The end result? Less meetings, less rework, more progress.

Collaboration, Streamlined

With ActiveDraft, construction documents become a springboard for collaboration, delegation and task management. Each interaction in ActiveDraft is anchored in visual context, making all communication precise and efficient.

ActiveDraft Assignments
New ActiveDraft on monitor

Upload, Measure, Bid

Getting your estimators started is as easy as sharing a link. Kick off the bidding process by uploading any document to ActiveDraft and watch your team measure, markup and collaborate in real time. No software to install, no session to coordinate, ActiveDraft’s intuitive tools are all within reach from any browser. Produce estimates quickly and confidently so that you can win more business.

An Easier Way to Move Projects Forward

Engineers, the detail oriented experts who make architectural visions work in the real world, rely on ActiveDraft for its precision and ease of use. The platform’s real-time collaboration and powerful markup tools allow engineers to instantly connect with the project team when needed. ActiveLink technology makes collaboration between engineers, architects and construction teams as easy as sharing a link to keep projects on spec and on track.


No need for large downloads or installations. Use ActiveDraft anywhere and make your mark ups on the web.


Instant File Conversion

Easily turn your documents into fully collaborative canvases. Simply upload your files and let ActiveDraft do the rest.

ActiveLink Collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues and clients simply by sharing a link. Need clarification on a markup? Share its ActiveLink.

Measurement Tools

Easily confirm or make measurements right on your drawings using our length, polylength, & area measurement tools.

Contextual Markup

Pinpoint key areas and identify potential issues with ActiveDraft’s powerful markup & annotation tools.

Safe & Secure

Upload and store your documents using ActiveDraft’s safe & secure cloud storage and provide access for everyone.

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