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Manage your project documents safely and securely in ActiveDraft

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Collaboration is just an upload away

ActiveDraft safely stores and converts your favorite files into collaborative PDFs instantly – so you can get to work when you need to. With automatic tagging and project-based storage, your critical project drawings are just a click away.

Collaboration file upload

The place for project documents

Easily convert, store, and manage critical project documents like drawing and plans with ActiveDraft.

Instant File Conversion

Easily turn your documents into fully collaborative canvases. Simply upload your files and let ActiveDraft do the rest.

Secure Storage

Upload and store your documents using ActiveDraft’s safe & secure cloud storage and provide access for everyone.

Collaboration by Default

Documents in ActiveDraft are fully collaborative from the start. No need to enable a collaboration session.

Version Control

With project-based document storage and a feed, you’ll always know your team is working with the most recent version.

Easy Export

Need to use your marked up drawings outside of ActiveDraft? No problem. Simply download your file and use as needed.

Markup History

Using ActiveDraft’s markup history feature, you’ll be able to see when every edit was made and by whom.

File view with files

Store project documents safely & securely

Upload important project documents like drawings and plans and feel peace of mind knowing that ActiveDraft’s secure cloud storage will ensure everyone on the team is working off the same file.

A record of all changes

ActiveDraft keeps a full record of document changes and markup so you keep track of every modification. Either through our Document Threads or Markup History, you’ll know what happened when and by whom.

Document history

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