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Construction Collaboration Software

Accelerate Project Delivery

Boost collaboration and minimize mistakes with ActiveDraft – your all-in-one platform that simplifies document and file management, live collaboration, and real-time creation of PDF markups – ensuring swift, accurate execution across your project lifecycle.

All-in-One Collaboration Hub

Enhanced Teamwork, Less Rework

Collaborate in Dedicated Workspace

Organize your projects, files, tasks, and activity threads on one secure and intuitive platform for better collaboration.

Convert Documents

Upload and effortlessly convert a variety of AEC file types to PDFs for easy access and seamless markups.

Mark Up Drawings in

Share, view, and mark up documents with your team in real-time from any device.

Manage Tasks

Assign tasks directly from document markup and track progress across multiple projects

Store Files with

Store and access all project files securely in a centralized cloud-based file management system.

Enjoy Managed Cloud Benefits

Enjoy ease of management, regular updates, and robust security through roles and permissions.

Work Smarter

Streamline Your Workflows

No more switching between file storage, emails, drawings, or viewing apps — use ActiveDraft to eliminate unnecessary steps, save significant time, and reduce the risk of comments being overlooked.

  • Centralize all your work within ActiveDraft
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest feedback and document versions, minimizing rework, and ensuring project accuracy
  • Reduce project delays with clear communication and real-time collaboration
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Cloud Advantage

Enhance Team Collaboration

Effortlessly communicate, mark up, and assign tasks while maintaining a centralized view of all project aspects on a secure, scalable platform. With ActiveDraft, enjoy:

  • Smooth communication, document markups, and task assignment
  • A single-view into projects, documents, collaborators, deadlines
  • A platform that grows with your project needs securely

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ActiveDraft is a cloud-based construction collaboration platform centralizing document management, real-time PDF markups, task tracking, and file management. It boosts team coordination, reduces errors, and accelerates project delivery within a secure, scalable environment, leading to significant time and cost savings.

ActiveDraft is for architects, designers, engineers, builders, general contractors, superintendents, project managers, and construction teams.