About ActiveDraft

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ActiveDraft provides powerful yet simple PDF markup and collaboration software tailored for contractors, architects, engineers, and their clients. As part of the Foxit family, ActiveDraft leverages best-in-class cloud-based PDF editing capabilities along with its innovative ActiveLink technology to create a low-friction, low-cost solution.

Construction teams can transform drawings and plans into fully collaborative browser-based workspaces, with all members able to markup documents, confirm measurements, assign tasks, and provide comments – streamlining communication and keeping projects on track.

The ability to access drawings anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device allows for seamless real-time collaboration that allows everyone to be on the same page.

Our Mission

To elevate document collaboration into a clear, engaging, and highly productive cornerstone of any project.


As easy as sharing a link

ActiveLinks make triggering real-time collaboration
as simple as drag, drop, share, collaborate.


Show, don't tell

 PDF markup and assignments are anchored in visual context, ensuring precision and clarity.


All your teammates

A browser-based platform, intuitive User interface and freemium pricing ensure access to any team member on any device.

Leadership Team

Michael Folkers
Michael Folkers Vice President & GM
Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson Vice President of Product
Ronan MacRuairi
Ronan MacRuairi Sr. Director of Engineering

“I love the relative ease of using ActiveDraft during our QA phase. I can easily pull project members into our drawings without forcing them to download new software.”

Brian S.

Brian S.


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