Collaboration with a Click

Bring your team together and onto the same page with a simple link

ActiveDraft Collaboration

Effortless collaboration for everyone

Remove friction from collaboration with ActiveDraft. With our browser-based solution, collaboration begins with a link. No need to download software or go through lengthy signup processes. ActiveDraft is easy to use for anyone, anywhere – ensuring your team is on the same page with minimal effort.

ActiveDraft People Tab

Bring clarity through collaboration

Call out potential issues and ensure someone on the team is looking into things with ActiveDraft’s document collaboration tools.

ActiveLink Technology

Collaborate with colleagues and clients simply by sharing a link. Need clarification on a markup? Share its ActiveLink.

Session-less Collaboration

Documents in ActiveDraft are fully collaborative from the start. No need to enable a collaboration session.

Real-time Multi-user

Experience real-time collaboration with ActiveDraft’s multi-user mode and get everyone on the same page.

ActiveDraft for iPhone

No session required

ActiveDraft makes collaboration easy. Simply upload a document and share it with a teammate using the channel of your choosing. No special sessions, just a simple link.

Collaboration in real-time or your time

Whether asynchronous or in real-time, ActiveDraft makes collaboration work for the way that you work. Rally the troops around your drawing at the same time for rich multi-player meetings or simply markup and tag teammates at a time that’s more convenient.

Drawing Collaboration

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