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Collabrate in Real-Time

Enhanced Coordination, Less Delays

Streamline Project Execution

Elevate your team collaboration with ActiveDraft, where streamlined, real-time communication and updated document sharing are at your fingertips. Our intuitive platform centralizes your projects, files and tasks in a secure workspace, ensuring swift, accurate project execution

Minimize Rework

ActiveDraft empowers team members to work together effortlessly. Working simultaneously on the same project minimizes lengthy back-and-forth emails, and revisions, resulting in faster project delivery with fewer errors

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Markup in Real-Time

Invite team members to mark up documents in real time, ensuring immediate feedback and accuracy

Simplify Task Management

Easily create, assign, and review assignments in one easy interface, keeping everyone on track and informed

Track Progress Easily

Stay in the loop with updates on projects, documents, and assignments, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely completion

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