architects in design review using activedraft mark-up and review solutions
Improve your Design and Review Process

Real-Time Markup, Faster Reviews

Mark Up PDFs in Real-Time

Mark up any documents such as blueprints, photos, contracts or permits with text and shapes in real-time in ActiveDraft. Our dynamic toolbar and tool presets can be tailored to your specific project or user needs, facilitating easily managed workflows and quicker reviews.

Minimize Errors

Efficiently track and manage markups by viewing the latest markups and comments directly on the project dashboard. With ActiveDraft, collaborators can quickly identify and address issues, leading to better project outcomes and faster delivery.

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Improve Design and Review

Utilize intuitive markup tools to provide fast, precise feedback, enhancing the design and review processes.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Mark up latest version of the documents with your team in real-time, whether you are on your desktop or laptop.

Manage Tasks Efficiently

Assign, track, and review tasks for your whole team, simplifying project management through ActiveDraft’s intuitive interface.

Accelerate Review Process

Streamline feedback and reviews on one secure, intuitive platform. With real-time updates and email notifications, team members always stay up-to-date on any changes.

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