ActiveDraft for Builders and Developers

When Everyone Works Together, Your Project Wins

ActiveDraft is a construction collaboration and project management software that provides increased visibility for every member of your team. Manage all of your projects with a bird's eye view and know your teams are all working from the most up-to-date information.

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Powerful Tools

Oversee Your Build Throughout Each Phase of Construction

Minimize Risk

Increased oversight for better cross-team visibility helps minimize project risks.

Centralize Information Access

RFIs, assignments, and submittals all in one place.

Increase ROI

Increased collaboration helps teams make fewer mistakes and deliver projects on time.

Increase Profit Margins

Improve Risk Management

Increase visibility across teams to keep projects moving forward. Reduce your risks through each phase of construction by aligning your team using ActiveDraft.

Project Organization

Eliminate Document Chaos

Document management can be chaotic when you rely on disconnected systems such as manual filing, shared drives, or email to connect your team. High stakes projects require powerful tools that remove uncertainty and keep your project organized, efficient, and accurate.

Collaborate on One ActiveDraft

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