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ActiveDraft for Builders and Developers

Build With Precision

Experience construction collaboration like never before with ActiveDraft. Oversee and manage your projects from a bird's eye view, ensuring all team members are always working with the most up-to-date documents.

Optimize Collaboration

Steer Construction with Confidence and Clarity

Minimize Risk

Enhance cross-team visibility to cut down on project uncertainties and risks.

Centralize Information

Consolidate RFIs, assignments, and submittals in a single, unified hub.

Boost ROI

Strengthen collaboration to reduce errors and guarantee on-schedule project delivery.

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Enhance Profitability

Maximize Profit Margins

Leverage ActiveDraft for unparalleled team alignment. Streamline processes, communicate more effectively, and mitigate risks at every construction phase, driving higher profit margins.

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Streamline Project Organization

Eliminate Document Chaos

Relying on fragmented systems like manual filing, shared drives, or emails can jeopardize document management. For high-stakes projects, you need a robust platform that eliminates guesswork, ensuring organized, efficient, and precise operations.

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