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Improve Your Build

Enhanced Teamwork, Less Rework

Use ActiveDraft to collaborate in real time, manage documents centrally, and assign tasks effortlessly, ensuring swift, accurate project execution.


Coordinate Your Build Before You Begin

Collaborate with architects, designers, engineers, site managers, and other stakeholders in the pre-construction phase.

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Collaborate More Effectively

Work together in one secure and intuitive platform to coordinate and finalize plans before your build.

Manage Files Effortlessly

Upload and convert a variety of file types such as AutoCAD DWGs, blueprints, and contracts into PDFs for easy access and storage.

Simplify Review Process

Mark up drawings and documents precisely for a streamlined review.

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Keep Your Build On Track

Collaborate to keep teams on task, reduce delays, and expedite project completion.

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Ensure Profitable, Predictable Outcomes

Stay informed on the status of your projects to keep the team aligned and on-schedule.

Manage Tasks Efficiently

Improve project management by creating, assigning, and reviewing tasks directly from document markup.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Stay in sync with your team anytime, anywhere. Search, share, and view the most current versions of your documents.

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Maintain the Build

Close out your project with ease using ActiveDraft.

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Collect Documents

Collect and organize documents by projects for future reference.

Store Files with Confidence

Organize and store documents in a centralized cloud-based file management system.

Share Documents Easily

Share documents with post-construction real estate teams, building management teams, and other third parties.

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All-In-One Collaboration Hub

Benefits and Features

More Benefits

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Centralize All Your Work

Organize your projects, files, tasks, and activity threads within ActiveDraft.

Improve Communication

Effortlessly communicate, mark up, and assign tasks in your web browser.

Stay Current

Keep up with the latest feedback and document versions to minimize rework.

Accelerate Project

Increase oversight, minimize errors and expedite projects timelines to ensure swift execution.

Centralize Information Access

RFIs, assignments, and submittals all in one place.

Enjoy Managed Cloud Benefits

Enjoy ease of management, regular updates, and robust security through roles and permissions.

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