Project and Document Management

Simplify Project Organization

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Improve Project Visibility

Easily check the status of your project with simplified task management. Create and assign tasks to team members, then track progress, deadlines, and overall performance.

Easily Access Important Information

Store your project documents in one centralized, cloud-based app. Eliminating document chaos helps keep your team on the same page and everyone working from the most current plans.

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Convert Multiple File Types

Upload and convert multiple file types in a single location.

Download Drawings to Work Offline

Bring project drawings to the job site for easy review.

Manage Documents

Store and organize documents to ensure everyone is working from the most up to date versions.

Scalable Solutions

ActiveDraft allows you to manage multiple sites and team members in one app. Easily add new collaborators at any phase of construction to accommodate your project.

Streamline Your Project

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