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Simplify Document Management

One Workspace, Zero Clutter

Manage, Track and Collaborate Effortlessly

Centralize your projects, files, tasks, and activity threads on ActiveDraft's secure and intuitive platform. Assign tasks, track progress, and improve overall performance with streamlined document management, live collaboration, and real-time PDF markup

Eradicate Chaos

Keep all your project documents neatly organized in one centralized, cloud-based repository with ActiveDraft. By eradicating document disarray, you ensure that every team member has access to the most recent version of plans, promoting consistency and efficiency across your project's lifecycle.

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Convert Documents Effortlessly

Upload and convert a variety of file types, including AutoCAD DWGs blueprints, contracts, permits and documents into PDFs

Collaborate in Real-Time

Stay in sync with your team anytime, anywhere. Search, share, and view the most current versions of your documents from any device

Store Files Confidently

Organize documents by project and store them securely in a centralized, cloud-based file management system

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Scale As Needed

ActiveDraft accommodates your growing project demands effortlessly. Manage multiple projects and easily add new collaborators at any phase. As your project expands, ActiveDraft scales with you, ensuring a secure and organized collaborative environment

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