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ActiveDraft for Engineers

Respond to RFIs and Track Submittals

Easily handle RFIs and submittals using ActiveDraft's smart markup and visualization tools, ensuring that project partners, no matter where they are, have access to the most up-to-date information

Minimize Rework

Log Information Accurately

Collaborate More Effectively

RFIs, assignments, and submittals all on one, secure platform

Handle and Track
RFIs Easily

Respond to requests and other questions as needed anytime, anywhere

Resolve Issues

Communicate in real-time to find and coordinate solutions on job sites

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Stay Current

Track Progress Easily

Stay in the loop with updates on projects, documents, and assignments, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely completion

Work Smarter

Streamline Your Workflows

No more switching between file storage, emails, drawings, or viewing apps — use ActiveDraft to eliminate unnecessary steps, save significant time, and reduce the risk of comments being overlooked

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